Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Purple Pear revisited

It has been awhile since I entered the world of blogging, even my very own.  I need to get back here and resume with some stories and a few photos of what has been going on with The Purple Pear......

 I finally am getting around to some essentials like advertising, what I am doing here and why I am in this retail space.

I have already moved several pieces of furniture out to accommodate some great Chalk Painted pieces by Kathy Sandler who has no problem playing with a multitude of colors as well as the clear and dark waxes.  I have added a table painted in Provence as well as a fun picture frame that I did in Antibes Green and Aubusson Blue with both waxes, but running a store tends to allow less time for huge projects at this point in time.

Old White is really such a versatile color for distressing as well as layering.  I never tire of looking at the softness of these pieces, and it seems this is a shade that is ever popular and in demand because of its timeless beauty.

Yesterday one of my customers brought in a picture frame that she had purchased at the Goodwill that she said was pretty dull and uninteresting.  I am amazed how she transformed this with Duck Egg Blue, Olive, Old White, and Arles.  It is an exquisite piece.  It almost looks as if she has added gold leaf, but it is the way she applied the Old White and Arles that gives it a wonderful metallic appearance.

I am also happy to say that my website is now active and will be featuring the paint, waxes, books, gift items and handmade creations.  I will also keep up with events and ongoing workshops there.  The door is opening to many possibilities and all of these "pages" will be updated on a regular basis.  Please stay tuned for more stories and photos of customer creations.