Thursday, July 28, 2011

Opening the Purple Pear

The last two days, I have been moving into my shop at 1720 Lovejoy, Space #120.  The store faces 18th Street and is next to a cafe that sells espresso drinks and quick meals.  Stop by and see the shop and grab something from the cafe before you head home.
I just flew in Monday, late afternoon, after attending the IDAL Convention in Hampton, VA where I met many of the other Stockists as well as Annie Sloan.
We all had the opportunity to watch her paint a piece of furniture that was be given to someone in a drawing at the end of the show.  What a treat to watch Annie paint and wax and work.  It seems that she painted this piece in a flash!
I just kept taking photos of the process and watched her closely as she did each step. 
What a gem!  She used Primer Red on the first coat, then painted the base and mirror with Duck Egg Blue.  On the top and accents, she used Old White and finished it with the clear  and then dark wax. 
I returned to Alexandria, VA and went on a couple of bike rides in 100 degree temps over to Washington DC as well as Mount Vernon another day.  What a great trip and now I am back  opening my shop, "The Purple Pear".  Please do come and visit me.  Lots of workshops will be up and running very soon.  It will be a great place to paint, see all the colors, and talk about projects and ideas.  I am very excited to get going on all of this!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alma Jane's

This is where my travels began to Alma Jane's in Eastern Oregon, in the Geiser Hotel in Baker City.

We always are nostalgic about eras of the past.  I think I would have fit right in with the dress, formality, and elegance, but could I live without my computer, my iphone, my skype connection to my children and grandchildren?  I think not.  These experiences help me appreciate the history of other times I deem wonderful and elegant, but they also help me recognize the ways of communication that I take for granted in reaching out to family.
Alma Jane's is "the little white cottage on the southwestern corner of Adams Avenue and Maple Street in downtown La Grande, specializing in mid-twentieth century furniture, linens, china, pottery, and clothing" as well as home decorations, collectible cookbooks, sewing, and everything related.  It is a charming house filled with quaint rooms waiting to be explored!

  All around the cottage are the most beautiful gardens....
lovely props....

filled with charm and delight.
And the dear and sweet Sammy who stayed close to us for the entire workshop!  (He loved the belly rubs whenever we took a break from our painting!)
 It was a beautiful day.  I am rolling brown paper over the sidewalk so I can open the Chalk Paint and not worry about spilling any drops.
Here are the exuberant ladies waiting to get started!
....and now focused and starting to paint.
Kathy's husband, Gordon, was happy to accommodate us and take our photos at the end of our day of painting exploration and fun!
We had our projects and samples posed for a photo shoot also.
Even Sammy decided at the end of the day that we had all put in our best efforts and we were happy with the results.  But it was time to go home and rest and restore.  We took our cue from dear Sammy that it was a productive day and time to move on to the next day and week for projects, ideas and further exploration.
Before I headed home, I drove up to Joseph to see the most beautiful lake, Wallowa.  Such a setting and beauty beyond anything you could imagine.  The town of Joseph is most charming with lots of fun and inspiring shops to explore.  All this was recommended by the sweet Jeana who shares a love of the outdoors and moments of solitude.

Thank you, Kathy, for inviting me to your idyllic surroundings and your beautiful and nostalgic shop!  I loved meeting all of you...April, Emily, Jeana, Gordon, and Sammy.  These are treasured moments for me.

Please visit Kathy and her friends at and see what they are doing with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint as well as the many offerings and finds they offer in their shop as well as their website.

Retail Space Opening

Please come and visit me around the middle of July at 1720 NW Lovejoy Street #120, and see the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors and waxes, paint samples, and ideas as well as workshop options!
To the left of the entrance of the retail space is the garage door, a huge room unfolding....a place to explore workshop ideas and possibilities and ongoing projects.  Please come and see what is happening in this ever-evolving space filled with light and color.