Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Junk Bonanza

I just returned Sunday evening from Minneapolis having participated in the Junk Bonanza booth that Annie Sloan Unfolded sponsored. What a great time this was for all of us helping educate and inspire people that were new to Chalk Paint™ decorative paint. Those that were familiar with the paint and the products were thrilled that we were all there with a full stock of paint colors and the waxes plus books, brushes, and handouts.
What an enthusiastic group of women we had in our booth spreading the word about the joy and the versatility of Chalk Paint™!!
We all managed to take breaks every now and then to explore the booths and the various offerings. I was amazed at the diversity as well as the ingenuity of the vendors. In this case, they were selling license plate bracelets. Fun!
And how about inner tube jewelry?
I loved this paper skirt on this dress form. Fabulous! And it was gone way before the show ended.
Close to the skirt was this beautiful paper rose wreath.
I think this incredible piece of furniture must have sold the first day because it had a sold sign on it the moment I walked into the space.
I finally had a chance to meet Christina Kramer, stockist in the area for Minneapolis and see her charming and beautiful shop, Denim Rose. Christina had some of the most beautiful pieces of painted furniture in her shop! What a sweetheart of a person she is, and I am guessing it must be in the blood of Minnesota people because overall everyone I met was so friendly and down to earth.
An empty space at the end, but not empty hearts. We all are anxiously awaiting our annual meeting to connect again with all the other retailers as well as see Annie, Scott, Lisa, and the wonderful staff for Annie Sloan Unfolded!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting close.....

It is a funny thing, but when one is on a road trip and you start seeing colors, you realize twenty nine colors have been prevalent in your life on a daily basis, and you start to search for objects that reflect a certain hue. This must be Florence, the color that is. Or it could be Provence. I had been seeing Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan everywhere and then when the driving was more bland or the colors more subtle I would still be combining colors or mixing them to create new ones.
The gradation of color in this wall along the highway in Wyoming caught my eye because of the softer tones in Annie's palette that are similar to Old Ochre, Country Grey, Versailles, and Cream. In the middle section, I even see CoCo and French Linen. The color at the top of this wall would be a great one to mix, but right off hand I would need to figure this out. I am guessing a little Scandinavian Pink added to one of the colors above with a mixture of another. The mind never stops thinking about Annie Sloan's beautiful palette.
The drive West from St Louis was long at times but also enjoyable. I can't recall sitting so much since I became a Stockist so it was a little hard to be patient at times and not be doing something every minute. Once we were home and had unloaded the car, I felt I was off and running and have not stopped except to sleep at night. I am narrowing my search down for a retail space and feel I am getting close.
In the interim, I have been taking calls and delivering product. As a reminder for those that use the Quick and Easy Paint Transformations book by Annie Sloan, please remember some of these colors are no longer current. It is best to go to my website Purple Pear Shop to view the 29 colors that are available in the current palette in the U.S. I will keep you posted on my new retail location!