Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Levitated Mass"

The day before we left LA, our daughter wanted us to see an outdoor exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She described it as a huge displaced mass of rock (boulder?) that was poised over a structure that one could walk under. It sounded strange and fascinating at the same time.
The grounds and buildings of this museum are energizing and contemporary, fitting and appropriate for a city that sets trends in fashion as well as design.
When I approached this "rock" I was astounded, not only about the size and mass, but the way it had been set above this passage. The dimension of it as well as the feeling that it conveyed was one of awe and reverence. How something so massive could seem so majestic and balanced.
My grandson and I are standing next to the mass that is set above the tunnel, so you can see how massive this structure is in comparison to our sizes.
As we walked up to the museum there was another outdoor display with strings of yellow tubing, a visceral and tactile change of experience.
Jeanette, my daughter is in the foreground with her youngest son, and I am in the background with her oldest son. It is funny how this kind of experience seems to create a feeling of inclusion and security.
What a memorable experience this was for us to have as individuals as well as a family. And it reminds me how important it is to support our museums whether they are local or distant. The art is there for us to experience and whether it is visual or interactive, it is a gift for us to embrace. It is a time to feel and reflect and memorialize the experience. And it is always within our reach. It is an opportunity to recall and remember this gift as we approach a new year knowing that art is the one constant in our lives in a world that is in constant flux.

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