Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Elegant Paint

It seems to me that elegant paint needs elegant storage. Somehow cardboard boxes do not do justice to this beautiful paint.

It is nice to be able to see the names of the colors and reach in for one whenever I need it. Speaking of the colors, I really love going over the names of each one and memorizing and connecting each color. Now I am discovering that these colors and the names are so embedded in my mind that I find I am identifying them in nature and objects all around me. 'Oh, that car is "Graphite" or that house is "Chateau Grey" or that rose in my garden is "Scandinavian Pink", the sweater I am wearing is "Greek Blue"'.

And I think this rose just might be a combination of "Emperor's Silk" and "Old White".

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis. Robin Reilly from the Chula Vista class. I didn't understand that you were a stockist! Now I can get paint from you...close by! I've already ordered from Anne or I would SO be at your place. :-)