Friday, June 3, 2011

The Paint Arrived!

Today was a new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint arrived!  To say I was excited was an understatement.  And I happened to be on the phone with the person who got me into this exciting venture, none other than Anne Skougard, the whirlwind stockist from Southern California!

When the Fed Ex guy knocked on the door, and I opened it, I am sure he thought he was dealing with some bored and frantic homemaker.  "Oh, the paint!  You have no idea how thrilled I am that you are here!!!  Thank you for arriving this early!"  And I can read his mind......"Lady, it is just paint."  (Well some people just don't realize that) "No. It is not just paint.  It is THE paint!"  But I understand, all he wanted to do was make his delivery and get to the next one on his list.  But terrified, he could see the fire in my eyes.  ("Better to assuage this one than linger and wonder why she is so enraptured.")

And then when I saw my name on the pallet, it was just about all I could do to contain myself.  "Sign here and then that is pretty much it for the delivery." put my name on the pallet.  There I am!  (Those were my silent thoughts.)  I let him go on his way trying to contain my explosive enthusiasm.  What could he possibly know about this product?  I was trying to peek in his truck and see what other things he was delivering but decided it was all pretty boring.
 So here are the boxes in my kitchen waiting for my inventory efforts.  Actually this is better than waiting for the Christmas packages in the mail.
So guess what I did after I opened all the cans?  I painted stir sticks to get a true reading of all the incredible colors. 
I have to say these are my favorite.  Every time I opened another paint can of these cool and elegant tones, I would just swoon.  Opening a can was like opening a present....just what could be inside, and then as I took off the lid, I just sighed. Oh my...the beauty and the softness and elegance of the colors.....really, really gorgeous.
And then the neutrals...entering the room with such elegance, confidence and grace.  How in the world could I possibly not be smitten?  I immediately wanted to get on the phone and order another pallet of every single color and double the cool tones, especially, because these are my favorites.  However, I have to remind myself that I am in the business of selling to customers who have all different kinds of preferences just as I do.  My answer to this?  They are all incredible.  I can't wait to begin my job in spreading the word that these are, the best paints on the market!

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Deb G said...

Oh how fun to see your enthusiasm for this! The colors are beautiful...