Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Preparation

I have been getting ready for the holidays earlier than usual this year. I took a dollhouse down to my shop that I had displayed in a guest bedroom. It really needed a coat of Annie's Chalk Paint to transform it into an elegant little dollhouse. I had so much fun working on this project that now I am on the hunt for more dollhouses to paint.

I even went as far as looking for tiny lights to decorate the front of the house, but discovered, after attaching them, that battery-operated lights just do not last very long. Three double A batteries every three days is a bit extravagant. I put a little decorated tree in the window instead.

I brought in a small round table for the center of the room and painted it Versailles. The little tree looks perfect there. And, of course, Versailles looks good on absolutely everything!

I took my sewing machine down to the shop and made stockings to hang in the window. The fabrics and trims and lace are all vintage. They are also for sale.

The tiny red baby shoes stole my heart recently at an antique show. I think they spell the magic of the season, tender and sweet and hopeful.

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Marie said...

The stockings are so charming and love the twinkly lights!
The little red shoes are enchanting and evoke the sweetness of this season.