Saturday, December 3, 2011

Annie Sloan's Barcelona Orange

I just opened a quart of the new paint that arrived on Thursday.  I have been anxiously waiting for it.  It is stunning!  I painted a paint stick, one of my apples, a miniature chest, and did a sample with Barcelona Orange under Coco with clear and dark wax with some distressing so the orange comes through.  Can't wait to come up with some other combinations for this rich and lively color.

I had some old lace that was falling apart and not really good for clothing or decorator sewing, so I glued various pieces to some clear votives.  They look especially nice in a darkened room since the lace allows shadows and varying plays of light in a room.

Lately, I have been smitten with tiny shoes.  I found these at an antique show recently and could not resist them.

Everything is for sale in the shop, including these Boston Bull Terrier salt and pepper shakers.

It is always fun to have a variety of luncheon or dessert plates in the cupboard.  At home these days, I use everything.  Isn't everyday a day to use "the best"? There are four, "Made in Japan".

The color of this little box and the floral container in the painting behind it remind me of Annie's color "Arles".

One simply cannot have too many pieces of hair jewelry, especially if they are embellished with Japanese flowers and colors.

This is my lace-covered votive placed on my fireplace mantel at home.  It is the perfect place to sit and dream and be enchanted by the light, one of my favorite pastimes anytime.

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Marie said...

Love the new paint color and the children's ice skates are charming.
Adorable antique salt and pepper shakers.
I agree, fine china is for everyday, otherwise it's not useful. Besides everyday is special : )
The hair clips are lovely.