Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Modern Look

I have a customer that does the most amazing projects. If you have a question about anything, she is the person to go to because she figures everything out whether it is a furniture repair or an upholstery job. I also love what she does with the Chalk Paint™ decorative paint.
Ilene is forever finding the best pieces of furniture to paint! She is not afraid to experiment with color, and this table she painted with Old Violet. This is such a beautiful color and really very unique. It is one of those colors that is a bit mysterious because of its identity to grey and blue and lavender. And the name is so perfect for such a dreamy color.
Ilene is so good about sending me photos of her painted pieces. When I saw this I nearly gasped! What a great color combination! Along with the Old Violet table, she paired these beautiful chairs painted with Emile and then upholstered them in a more modern fabric, so the whole set looks modern and fun and refreshing. Ilene has such a great eye and she loves to try all ranges of color. I think this truly exemplifies how versatile our Chalk Paint™ decorative paint is because you can use it to create a vintage or antique look or you can create something completely modern and contemporary. Don't limit yourself to one color or two. Try a new look and join Ilene in your willingness to embrace a new color! You just might surprise yourself.

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