Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting Ready

Moving a retail space into another is completely different than moving one household to another. In some ways it is similar, and in other ways it seems altogether different. I am very excited about this move! I have been in my location for a year now, and this move marks the beginning of something new as well as continuous.
This year has been full of surprises, longings, and uphill climbs. I love metaphors, and this seems quite fitting for the journey. I really love hiking and setting a goal to reach a mountain top. It is the ultimate high. The journey is really the best part of it. Whether you reach your goal is sometimes not a moment of disappointment, but rather that you strived to attain it.
Will I attain my expectation and goal? One never knows, but the exhilaration of the goal and the promise of effort and achievement is really what counts.
I have two sides of my personality (yes, I am a Gemini), and that is why I live in Portland, Oregon. The mountains and hiking are always at my beck-and-call but so are the creative longings. And really aren't they the same thing? Please visit me before I move, and if you cannot I would love to have you venture into my new location and say hello!

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