Monday, October 15, 2012

Reconstruction or Deconstruction?

When I was finishing my English degree I recall a class called "Literary Criticism". I have to say it was one of my favorite classes and as a last assignment we had to be on a panel discussion with four of our classmates. We were given the topic "Deconstruction" to research and present. So when I see any form of dismantling or uncovering or exposing or redefining, I think of the author, Derrida and Deconstruction. Currently, that is exactly what I have going on in my store at this very moment!!
This is the wall that was installed by the last tenant to divide the two rooms. It was the one thing I saw that I knew would be dismantled to clear the way for open space and ease of flow.
This is the low ceiling in that room that had fluorescent lighting, not the best solution for a workshop area where quality lighting is key.
Deconstruction and dismantling of the wall!
The ceiling above the lower tiles was chipped off crumb by crumb.
Wow! This ceiling that was exposed definitely dates the building to its 1901 origin. Apparently, at some point there was water damage so it was covered up by lowering the ceiling and creating what was then a more "modern look".
The contractor who is redoing the shop space sold me this cabinet for displaying the Chalk Paint™ and waxes and books. It has a beautiful distressed look and came from a high-end boutique in the Pearl District of Portland that decided to change their look and no longer needed this beautiful piece.
Back home, my dining room table and room is still filled with shop boxes, files, ongoing shipments coming in, and unopened newspapers that we have not had time to read in the last week. We will be open for business on Thursday, the 18th but are actually selling Chalk Paint™ in the interim, so please feel free to stop by if you are in the neighborhood! The address is 6016 NE Glisan Street and our phone number is the same, 503-206-6554.

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