Saturday, October 20, 2012

Peggy Del Rosario's: An Autumn Open House

Welcome to the world of Peggy Del Rosario, an amazing artist that has created a world enveloped in beauty, elegance, and old world style. Peggy opened her home for five very special hours today and invited people to view her immense talent, experience her warmth and flair for living, and visualize a space that achieves balance, beauty, character, and comfort in every single corner of her surroundings. Included were special offerings of collections from various women who share Peggy's love of luscious surroundings and special finds.
Peggy's back garden is an oasis of privacy and serenity and elegance. Amidst this in the foreground is the most wonderful Asian pear tree abundant with fruit. One wonders if it is really Oregon or could it be France or Italy, the European feel is so pronounced and rich.
As you enter through the front, you would never have any idea what is beyond awaiting you in the house and the back garden.
There were lovely items for sale in the garage....
I brought some of the Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan.
Even Mia, Peggy's adorable cat, stole center stage in front of the cozy fireplace.
This is one of the pieces that Peggy has painted, decidedly magnificent and breathtaking!
I love the way that Peggy handles the hardware on each piece.
And the way she mixes and applies her colors of paint.
Soon this piece will be displayed at The Purple Pear in the front window.
Peggy has such a rare and exquisite talent. It will be exciting to see what else unfolds in her palette of color and beauty.
And how fortunate we are to have someone so inspiring and talented in our midst. Please see what happens in the months ahead with this creative and incredible talent of a woman!

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Roseann Mangano said...

Peghy is truly a very gifted woman! She has a sense of imagination, creativity, grace and beauty in everything that she does and with such ease!!