Sunday, December 30, 2012

A walk through Hancock Park

My daughter and I love going on walks through the neighborhood of Hancock Park in LA. The homes and gardens are so beautiful.
We both loved the simplicity and elegance of this garden.
This home could be off a street anywhere in France.
Sometimes when I walk through this neighborhood, I am taken back to some of the books I have read over my lifetime with descriptions of beautiful homes. What would it be like to live in a house with such stature and beauty?
I have noticed on Pinterest that many pinners have boards under the category of stairs. I can see I am going to have to create another board for this. I would hope that if I lived in this house I would climb these stairs a few times a day for good exercise!
And "gates" might be a great Pinterest Board as well. Tonight I will write about two museum points of interest, but this afternoon we will arrive in San Francisco for the new year and our anniversary as we were married in San Francisco 15 years ago.

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Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! I would like to have been on that walk with you. Beautiful.