Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gearing up

Congratulations to Lauren of Washington who won the gift basket drawing and will now be entered in the national drawing to win either a ticket to meet Annie Sloan and participate in a workshop or receive $350 worth of paint. I appreciate all those that were willing to participate, and I am sure there will be other events going forward that everyone can enjoy.
I spent Christmas Eve walking around Washington DC with my husband. The White House was particularly beautiful contrasted against the darkness of the evening.
Yesterday we took a trip out to see Lucketts Store where Miss Mustard Seed had her space. It is a wonderful store, three floors of beautiful furniture as well as decorative items and collectibles. Marion of Miss Mustard Seed was in the process of down-sizing her space in order to focus on her book, so there was not much to see as I had hoped.
This was one of the spaces. Everyone there seems to have a knack for displaying wonderful and fascinating things. I could have spent a lot on furniture had I been able to easily transport it to the West Coast.
As I was roaming around inside, my husband was outdoors in the rain and drizzle looking at all the spaces out there. I guess I was a little surprised that all this great furniture was left out in the rain.

I did purchase these two French Faience plates to bring back to the shop.
One of my goals for 2012 is to bring in some beautiful handmade pillows to sell in the shop. I intend to use my antique/vintage textiles and trims as well as collection of old buttons. Lots to plan and create and anticipate as I gear up for a new beginning year with The Purple Pear!

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simply heidi said...

We lived in Maryland for a few years and I loved driving down to Lucketts. Thanks for the fond memories this morning.