Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winding down

Our holiday party at The Purple Pear was relaxing and easy. We did not do any painting, but we did share paint stories as well as lots of inspiration. Jeanette flew up from LA just to be there and help. The time went all too quickly and she was headed home to her sweet baby and husband and work by early Sunday afternoon.
I have never shared this painting that my friend, Kathy Sandler painted for me when I opened my shop. This is such a beautiful painting and everyone loves it. Why did I choose the name The Purple Pear? Long story shortened, it all began with a blog I read called The Black Apple. I have this thing about pears as well as pomegranates and the color purple seemed like it went well with pear as opposed to blue. And I wanted to convey that one can expect the unexpected when they enter the shop since there is no such thing as a purple pear.
When the new year approaches, I am always anxious to get on with new ideas and new colors and new inspiration. I keep staring at this card in my shop. It is a Jessie Wilcox print so full of new life, new anticipation. After the holidays, it will be time to give the shop a new look. I think I am ready!
This tiny chair has been a work in process for at least four years. It wasn't finished until about 6 weeks ago when I decided what it needed was Annie Sloan's colors, Napoleonic Blue, Aubusson Blue, a touch of Provence, and a little gold with a vintage textile to bring it all together.
One of my customers recently shared with me a piece of furniture she had purchased for a great deal, and actually brought it in the shop to show me.

The photo does not do justice to the beauty of this piece. She used Old Ochre, Old White, and Scandinavian Pink with clear and dark wax.
This is the back where you can see some of the Scandinavian Pink coming through. I love the lines of this piece too. Liz did such an amazing transformation on this piece.

Today is my last day in the store until I return from the East Coast on January 2nd. I will be back to open on Tuesday, the 3rd with regular store hours. I will come back ready to plan a great year with Annie Sloan products as well as teaching more versatile workshops. I will also be adding additional workshops taught by other people who will offer other great ideas using Chalk Paint. I will also be filling the store with lots of textile-related products such as pillows, throws, lace creations, sachets, and even textile jewelry. So stay tuned. I will post some things here while I am with my husband for the holidays. I hope to go on some antiquing jaunts! I will be close to Lucketts where Miss Mustard Seed has her space.

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