Saturday, February 11, 2012

A French Chair

Recently I took a trip down to the delightful community of Aurora that has the most charming collection of antique shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. I seldom get a chance to get away and do this, but it was Sunday morning, and I did not have to be back to open my store for two more hours. My errand was to pick up a ladder in one of the antique malls, South End Antiques and Collectibles, that I wanted to use for my store display (they also have great things!). I also popped into Main Street Merchantil to take a quick look and found this French chair. It was marked down, and I probably paid too much for it, but I could not leave it behind. The carving and patina is beautiful. The upholstery is simply dreadful.
I am always drawn to chairs for some reason. They have a certain presence, perhaps a touch of some kind of mysterious persona. In a room they seem to settle in and make their presence known in a very discreet manner.

I will definitely get rid of the upholstery. This chair is far too elegant for a velour-type of fabric. Yet, I am having a certain dilemma.....

How do I decide to finish the rest? Do I paint it (my original intent)? Now that I look at the carving as well as the natural wear and patina, is it simply too good to paint over? I could scarcely do it justice by painting it and trying to create this kind of perfection. Maybe I will just re-do the upholstery.

How could one not possibly fall in love?

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