Friday, February 17, 2012

An Oval Mirror

Before....thank heavens I remembered to take a photo of the piece, something I often forget to do. I just realized later that it is unnecessary to put tape between the wood and the mirror because you can always use a razor blade later to gently remove the paint.
After......this piece went through many paint color transformations. The first coat was Henrietta, then Coco with clear and dark wax. It wasn't the look I was striving to achieve, so I then re-painted it with 3 parts Old White to 1 part Louis Blue. This made the most exquisite color called "Pompadour" which I then covered with clear and a little dark wax. Again, I was not satisfied. Finally I took some Duck Egg Blue from a can that was nearly empty, added some water to thin it, mixed in some Chateau Grey from a small plastic container that I had leftover from a workshop and poured in some Pure White from a nearly empty can to lighten it and came up with the color I wanted.
I love pieces that have this kind of detail because it allows you to layer colors, distress, and define details. Adding the clear and dark wax takes this one step further and adds to the patina and character.
The mirror itself has some worn character as well. I am always looking for imperfect mirrors that show a little age in the reflection.
I like the way the paint looks like it is chipping away from years of use.
I really am loving the dark wax these days. I love the way it sinks into the pock-marked wood.
The mirror found a perfect spot to reside and actually looks like it might have been there forever. Now I am on to the next project, a small table for my bathroom to match a well-loved wallpaper.


Caitlin said...

Love what you have done with mirror. I stumbled upon your blog and I feel so lucky to have done so. I would LOVE to be entered to win the Annie Sloan tickets giveaway in SF. Thank you!

Danielle said...

Your blog is beautiful. I would love to be entered in your Annie Sloan giveaway. I have never tried her paint and would love to go to the show in San Fran. Thanks!

phyllis said...

Danielle and Caitlin,

Thank you for your comments. Please send me your contact information to I will gladly add you to the drawing. It is going to be a great event.

somewhat quirky said...

Hi Phyllis, really nice pieces. Visiting from Girl in Pink. Would love to be entered into the Annie Sloan Workshop ticket drawing.

Kelly Wivell said...

I love this!! How do you sand to get the best layers underneath?