Thursday, August 16, 2012

Changes Ahead

A special announcement...... I will not be moving into Madison Park with Randy. We mutually decided the space would most likely be too small for my workshops plus all my inventory. So I am on the search for a new location. I will let you know soon what the address will be when I find the perfect roomy space I need!
I have been sorting through the collections I have wondering which ones I will sell and which pieces I will keep. When I go to textile shows they call these white pieces of clothing "Victorian Whites" and I am drawn to these gems like a magnet. If I had to explain the reason for this, it would be impossible as it is such an empowering instinct for me.
Such sweet images.....and the hours and skill of handwork absolutely mind boggling.
I intend to bring a lot of these into my new location. I will keep you posted on my new address somewhere around the beginning of September. I will be selling my things on my website and out of my home for a few weeks, maybe less. Please stay tuned!

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