Thursday, August 23, 2012

Henry meets The Purple Pear

Well today was my final day at this location for The Purple Pear. We are off now to new adventures, looks, and fun! But today was the day I unexpectedly realized I needed a soothing presence......Henry!!!
This day began as usual. I hurried through coffee, emails, shower, loading of the car, including Henry who had an appointment at the vet for his final booster for feline leukemia. Oh I forgot. I also went to my storage unit to pick up paint before the vet. It is the constant ritual of planning too much and running out of time. So guess what? Henry had to go to my store because I did not have time to take him home and get there to open by 11:00 AM.
First of all, you have to understand that Henry is the newest addition to my cat family, and he is an absolute love. He is the easiest, most uncomplicated cat that has passed my way, and I knew he would adapt immediately to The Purple Pear. He decided he looked particularly debonair against a backdrop of CoCo. Bless his heart. He knows fine colors and the best Chalk Paint™ colors when he see them.
I worried about him being bored, but he immediately nestled against Gina Brown's beautiful pillows because he knows they are all about beauty and love!
And of course I panicked when I realized I was taking him to my shop, and he did not have his own commode. I figured a solution quickly with some cat litter and a shipping box. It was perfect.
Henry finally decided that I was not entertaining him enough so he settled in and nestled against Gina's fine pillows.
Then Henry was pushed and shoved into this completely unattractive carrier and crammed into a car that was already full to the brim!
But he was promised a little compensation... no more retail time for the moment, a treat, and some catnip, and a time to be the Henry that he is....loving, silly, unpredictable, and lots of company on a final day that called for a celebration and a respectful good bye. We will be keeping you posted on our newest and most exciting location so please keep us close. We are almost there. And who knows, Henry might be the gentleman that periodically greets you at the door!

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