Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bragging Rights and Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton has a new book out by Rizzoli that focuses on design and architecture. Now I am sure most of you are thinking that she is an actress and what does she know about house design and anything related. However, look at her style. Some may think her eccentric, but I have always loved her style because she exemplifies someone who knows what she likes and has stayed true to this focus for as long as I can remember. Besides, I am smitten with her hats and clothing and how she carries her style with grace, confidence and panache.
So after my nightly trip to Home Depot I came home to a husband hungry who wanted a quick and easy meal. We walked to a nearby restaurant, and just as we arrived home, our daughter sent us a text message saying she was at a book signing for her design company in LA featuring Diane Keaton and her new book and here was the photo. Seldom do I feature personal things on this blog, but really, it was difficult not to be excited about all of the above. Almost done with my remodel. A few more trips to Home Depot and then a day to bring in all the merchandise waiting for a cozy home in which to be displayed. Stay tuned. We are in the midst of planning our fun grand opening!


Catherine said...

Well, that is exciting. I love Diane Keaton also. I am anxiously awaiting the opening of your new store so that I can visit Portland and see all of the ASCP goodness.

Judy B said...

Heard that Diane K was seen in Portland recently...she evidentally loves the vintage shops here. Look forward to visiting your shop soon!